5 – What You Think It Is


This video relays a beach camping experience. Alone with nature, I’d expected to relax and have subtle intuitive experiences. Turns out I was right, but it was nothing like I expected.

As science continues exploring the nature of reality, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that modern society is an antiquated fantasy. It’s as if we are all period actors in a historic village restoration. We’re still striving to manifest our ancestors’ relatively simple dreams. Their ambitions didn’t account for the nonlinear movement of subatomic particles, DNA, artificial intelligence, or virtual reality. “Modern” culture celebrates achievements and roles as basic as Newtonian physics.

It turns out the relationship between consciousness and the physical world is far deeper than our civilization is built for. That’s a problem. If we get stuck conforming to restrictive distortions of reality, then we become herd animals led down narrow corridors. Quite an irony in an apparently-infinite universe. If Einstein is right, and Imagination is everything, then it would seem the most effective mind is one that can imagine in harmony with that infinite reality.

Living in The Now

As we struggle to understand and absorb a reality where everything is connected and the present can affect the past, we must alter our models for healthy mental functioning. Can we really continue evaluating people based on how well they fill a role in a society that isn’t based on reality?

When you consider this video I encourage you to explore your cognitive boundaries and biases. Can a mind unconsciously know about the future? Is it possible for your consciousness to create some kind of causal entanglement that alters others’ paths? Can you experience telepathic communication with higher intelligences? To what degree is reality a malleable clay of the mind? Perhaps you can alter your mind and alter reality. But to what degree? Techniques based on altered states of consciousness, such as the more modern Silva Method, have likely existed for thousands of years.

As more people report hard-to-believe experiences, and as the quantum physics studies pour in, it’s ethically responsible to scrutinize outdated perspectives and biases. It will be interesting to see how everything shakes out. It’s possible we’re watching a slow-motion merger of physics, spirituality, and consciousness. Personally, I’ve had many experiences that suggest this merger is long overdue, and I’m probably just one of millions.

If you’ve had challenging experiences of this nature, I’d love to hear from you.


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