Growing into your best self is both inspiring and challenging. Along the way you might feel discouraged by stress, negativity, or traumas. Yet you can create a life based on joy. No particular world view or ideology required. You can transform without 3 YouTube gurus, 10 self-help books, and a passion for yoga. With an experienced therapist you’ll clarify your relationship with yourself and find answers within you.

My name is Matt Wolf and I’ve served a wide variety of clients for sixteen years. Whether you’re healing from the past, suffering with an anxiety or mood disorder, or struggling with self-destructive habits, I will meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go. You can transcend your history and embrace your unique self.

I currently work with individuals age 20-70. You don’t need a diagnosable illness to benefit from therapy! In addition to traditional work with trauma, anxiety, mood disorders, and life transitions, I help you:

Find Your Voice

Deepen Self-Love

Establish a Thriving Mindset

Create Healthy Relationships

Develop Your Intuition

Build a Transformational Lifestyle


LGBTQ-friendly! Everyone’s welcome, including bankers, homemakers, psychics, politicians, telemarketers, and people who love My Little Pony.


Each person’s mind is unique, so you have your own path to healing and self-realization.

We’ll use traditional Psychodynamic therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral tools, and other creative approaches to tailor our therapeutic relationship for your needs. I focus on helping clients build peace and self-love. The most common feedback from clients is how surprised they are to see themselves so clearly. Understanding themselves more deeply, they’re able to make choices that bring head and heart into greater harmony.

 You, too, can experience progress with a warm, experienced counselor who doesn’t treat you like a medical problem. Together we’ll find the perspectives and practices that resonate for you, and move you forward. You can find greater peace and joy day-to-day.


Therapy with Matt has been a vital component of my personal growth. He incorporates a unique mix of humor, empathy, and intellect into his work, which cultivates a safe environment where I feel free to express my feelings. I came to him with many unhealthy habits, perceptions, and values. Over the course of many sessions, we have slowly dismantled this framework and replaced each piece with better habits, better perceptions, and better values. This work will never be complete, but I feel prepared to handle what life throws at me because of the techniques and concepts we have discussed together.

At this point in my life, I am proud to be happier – and healthier – than I have ever been. I could not have achieved this clarity and peace without Matt’s guidance. I am incredibly grateful for his impact on my life and would highly recommend him to anyone searching for a therapist. 


– M –


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