6 – The Intuitive Nudge


In my last blog post, 5 – What You Think It Is, I mentioned an experience I call “The Nudge.” In this video I offer two more examples of this intuitive phenomenon, and how surrendering to this nudge brought unexpected experiences unique to me.

Do you experience intuitive nudges? Maybe it’s to turn left instead of right. Maybe it’s a sudden, nagging urge to call a friend. I have met a number of people in my job who shared the experience of following a sudden strong urge to visit a friend or “stop somewhere on the way,” and discovered this seemingly insignificant decision was actually highly consequential. In several cases it spared someone’s life. On other occasions it led to meeting someone who would become important to them, or altered their timing enough to protect them from disaster.

Sometimes it’s the small things that hit us the hardest. Very often, the meaning in your experiences cannot be translated for others to truly appreciate. They’re just for you. This is often the case in my intuitive life. I try to explain, “Look this is huge for me” about the simplest things, and people wait for me to explain it. Sometimes it’s impossible. Like meaningful “coincidences” or powerful dreams, the universe crafts our tailored inner experiences for our own benefit. They’re ours to treasure and take with us, or discard.

In any case, it’s typically useful to hold them lightly. Like a wild animal that unexpectedly crosses your path for a moment, or the perfect song playing in a restaurant. The world keeps on moving, and it may be best that we just keep moving with it.

Media Recommendations:

Angel-A (2007). A movie about a man choosing to play games and act tough when he can instead surrender to vulnerability and truth. The universe gifts him with powerful miracles and still he persists in the faithless dark of human nature. This is a common phase in the evolution of many men.

Wish You Were Here, by Incubus