3 – Sir, Your Baggage Has Arrived


Whenever we try to listen to the inner voice, or to see what our mind’s eye is trying to reveal, the information trickles through our own psyche. As psychological research suggests, your history, strengths, weaknesses, and your hangups all play a role in what you experience and how. In short, what you are shapes what you perceive.

To human is to bag. Or something like that. We accumulate history every moment, and we don’t control the vast majority of what gets tossed into the brain bucket. Our pile of inner voices silently inserts its bias into our stream of consciousness. What marks has life made on you? Do they interfere with your ability to feel safe around others, and connect? How might this history affect a strong intuitive connection with a stranger? What might happen if you let go, and fully open your mind to another?

As usual, in this session of the Path of Courage blog we address these issues through story. In this case, I share a personal experience of how my own baggage very nearly affected my participation in a 9-day training program.

Mentioned in this session is author Lyssa Royal Holt, an excellent teacher. You can find her website here.

Recommended Media:

Legion (TV Series, 2017). One way to view this amazing series is Releasing Baggage in the Transition to a Better Self. This theme screams loudest in David’s story, but it’s present across several characters expanding beyond their history, self-image, and personal relationship with reality.