Path of Courage

What is this “Path of Courage” thing, anyway?


 Honesty, love, and human connection are all about engaging the world with your authentic self. The courageous path is to honor your own experience, and stand in your truth even when it seems unpopular. This requires us to look within.

Without the courage to face one’s unique inner world, with all its light and shadow, a person remains in tension instead of ease. This tension creates fixations, addictions, conflict, and other mental habits that keep you in familiar rut – at the great cost of never truly knowing and loving yourself. You’re just reacting to tension.

But you don’t have to let the world push you into anxious conformity. Look within. Face what you find there. When you embrace your inner truth and all that you are, despair becomes a switch you learn to turn off. You can embrace life with an open heart.

So that’s the path of courage in a nutshell: deepening self-awareness, integrating what you find, and aligning your life with your truth. Regardless of what the latest “influencer” is selling. In the chaotic noise of our modern world, daring to trust your inner voice is empowering and exciting.

Three Delphic maxims inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi according to the Greek writer Pausanias (10.24.1):

“Know thyself”

“Nothing to excess”

“Certainty brings insanity”


 Yes, “enlightenment” does start at the individual level. But if we want to be a truly whole, healthy, integrated individual, then we also learn how to navigate the human collective.

My wife Sarah and I grew up suppressing our inner voice and intuitive senses, which have expanded throughout our thirty-year relationship. We’ve each benefited from individual and couples counseling. We pursued training to advance our intuition. It’s our daily practice to integrate mental health insights with much higher perspectives, and share our intuitive lives with one another.

We know there are many sensitive, empathetic, and intuitive people in relationships making this effort. It’s a path, not a destination. The work goes on. 

Okay, But What Is Up With That Logo?

No matter what you’re dealing with, where you’re from, or the state of the world, you can find an inner flow that brings more peace and joy. Your uniquely beautiful heart can transmute the energy around you.

With every heartbeat, your life becomes art.


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