Path of Courage Intro
Human Consciousness

Historically, mental health professionals don’t talk about visiting psychics, and psychics don’t talk about their visits to the therapist office. These communities are fraught with expectations, images, and reputations to uphold. Ripe for gossip! Worlds collide, and opposing philosophies smash against one another in violent chemical reactions.

So what might go wrong when a mental health therapist openly discusses psychic experiences? What happens when he addresses mental health in the intuitive community?

This is the intro to the Path of Courage blog, which explores consciousness, intuition, and the process of integration historically known as The Great Work. Produced by a mental health therapist, the Path of Courage website and blog offer support for people exploring their unique inner life.

Millions of people are working to heal this world. Every effort to live in your highest values is a contribution. At the individual level, this effort includes confronting doubts, fears, and unhealthy habits. This blog not only supports these inner confrontations, it shares reflections and inspiring true stories to feed your soul! The Path of Courage is about opening the mind to new possibilities, and bringing more meaning to one’s life. It’s about helping people lift themselves above the narrow rules and roles that society has laid out for them.

If this describes the work you’re doing in your own life, then this blog and website are for you. Whether you’re interested in Jungian psychology, psychic development, or you just wanna hear some mind-bending tales, at Path of Courage you’ll find something useful you haven’t seen or heard before.

If you have any questions, or would like to see particular topics covered, feel free to contact the blog’s author, Matt Wolf.

Media Recommendation:  Witness to Another World (2018)