2 – Only Human


Inner experiences and perceptions are fragile. They can feel too thin to stand on. It’s common to fabricate legitimacy with credentials, certificates, and external achievements. However, in my experience attending many psychic-oriented workshops, even in those relatively safe contexts it’s quite common for people to avoid sharing what they perceive.

In this session of Path of Courage blog, we spotlight this kind of anxiety using an old story. Young Samuel, from the Bible’s Old Testament, was just a kid in training when he was given a powerful psychic message for his boss. It’s an ultimate worst-case-scenario for people who fear empowering their intuition will bring trouble. No matter how you get it – whether from a dream, or a fleeting intuition, or a Tarot spread – sometimes we perceive things uncomfortable to sit with. Intuition can be a social liability in a defensive, ego-driven world. So will we listen to the next message that arises? Will we feel compelled to hold back? Do we need others to buy what we’re selling?

If you wrestle with these issues, take heart knowing you’re not alone! Like Samuel, you may find such challenges are doorways leading to new horizons. The world is changing. As the Earth happily shifts, humanity’s ears are bending to hear the voices within. If the truth is collective, then we need what’s pouring through you.


Media Recommendations:

Mully (2015): An incredible, amazing true story of a successful businessman whose heart and intuition told him it was time to give everything to help his country’s impoverished orphans. There are several moments where Mully is following his intuition and you will think “That’s insane,” as the people around him did. Certainly this will end in disaster. However . . . watch it to the end.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977): Richard Dreyfuss is a man driven by visions he cannot explain. He’s convinced they mean something, and risks driving everyone away to honor a truth only he can see.