4 – Oh, You Want a Renaissance?

Nontraditional spiritual and metaphysical communities are experiencing a surge. I’ve heard some call it “A Great Awakening.” There’s so much hope for a more respectful and realistic humanity. One that doesn’t tear itself apart over resources or ideology, but recognizes survival requires collaboration. There’s hope we can transcend the thinking that has kept humankind in a fight-or-flight scarcity mindset for thousands of years. Right now, many of us would settle for a shared dream of respectful cooperation.

What happens when we point that hope at our families, groups, and communities? When you imagine respectful cooperation, where does that start?

If you explore, you’ll often find the people in the room have fought through much pain to find their perspective. How do we collaborate and integrate with one another when nobody wants to risk losing the life raft in their storm? Perhaps that exploration will birth this Great Awakening. This video series takes a nibble on the conversation by sharing a simple frame. A starting point to help us navigate the challenges arising when people bring their higher perspective out for a playdate.

Step into the courage of group participation. Build connection. Create community. Collaborate.

It might just save the world.


Recommended Media:

Author Michael Meade and MosaicVoices.org