7 – Oh, You Want a Renaissance? – Pt 2



Part 1 of this mini-series, “Oh, You Want a Renaissance?” discussed the mind’s constant shifting of gears. One moment it asserts the status quo, the next it challenges it. One moment you’re presenting an idea that ruffles someone’s feathers, the next moment you’re the one getting reactive. And all of this relates to the natural exchange between differing perspectives.

Part 2, goes a bit deeper, providing a basic map for the concept of Integration. This post also discusses some of the differences between integration in conventional psychology, and integration for spiritually and metaphysically oriented people. It includes some considerations for people who resonate with the idea “We Are All One.”

The first section of the video has a few minor audio glitches that haven’t occurred in any prior video. Having learned from this process, it won’t be an issue in future sessions.


Media Recommendation:

Taste,” by Animal Collective

“And don’t go changing clothes when they don’t like yours.”