About Matt


I wanted to be a therapist since age 12. I delayed until my 30’s because that lemonade stand money was just too good. I also wanted to experience “real” adult life before going to graduate school. This resulted in a successful IT career, a marriage, and lots of growing up.

Many clients have shared that they feel I’m unusually easy to talk to, that I’m especially non-judgmental, and they like coming to my office. 

Volunteer experience includes two years on a hotline for domestic violence and sexual assault, two years in a “big brother” mentoring program, and numerous community outreach programs. Volunteerism allowed me to enjoy a great diversity of people. Along the way I also accumulated two years of coursework in psychology, research, and statistics.

​My bachelor’s degree in Business Administration served me well, and that career experience helps me relate with people in the typical working world. After ten years of the corporate grind I took the plunge, earning a Masters of Social Work at UNC Chapel Hill in 2008 with a certificate in Addiction Studies.

My personal interests include identity, consciousness, and personal spirituality. This path developed from a lifelong struggle to integrate intuitive experience. 


Mental Health Training Includes:

Trauma-Focused Therapy
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy
Addiction Recovery
Meditation Techniques
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Several hundred hours of in-person Intuition Training, including:

Psychic & Mediumship, Sherrie Dillard
Channeling, Lyssa Royal Holt
Akashic Records, Rebecca Helgesen

Personal Life

Married 30 years to Sarah, a brilliant CPA, empath, and highly intuitive weirdo with a severe addiction to books. She’s also the most wonderful friend in the world.

Our great compassion during the world’s current transition compels us to rise above circumstances, and deepen our personal practices. To support the birth of a brighter future.


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