Life After Death


If you haven’t explored Near-Death experiences, I heartily encourage an exploration at IANDS.ORG and NDERF.ORG. They each offer thousands of cases to read. The video above is a credible, intelligent panel discussion on the matter.

“The one thing in common among people who said ‘It can’t have happened’ was that they hadn’t actually read the literature.” 

One panel member shares that a statistician reviewing data from hundreds of cases concluded there was irrefutable evidence consciousness survives the death of the body. As audience members’ questions reflect, this carefully accumulated evidence is slowly building a picture that compels important questions.

The mental health field eagerly consumes scientific research, and “Evidence-Based Treatment” is the prescription of the day. It therefore seems willfully unethical to avoid a growing body of research revolutionizing the way we think of Mind, Identity, and Existence. What are the consequences to an increasingly distressed population?

When one considers the implications of quantum mechanics, research on consciousness, and research on near death experiences, can mental health professionals continue avoiding the fact their field is dominated by an increasingly obsolete version of reality?


Examples follow: