1 – Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

This video shares an experience from a psychic medium workshop. Two strangers sit across from one another, close their eyes, and wait. What images will their inner canvas reveal? This is a real world demonstration of the unconscious mind conjuring imagery, offering the experience of telepathic communication. It casts light into one person’s darkness, and reveals power in creativity. Higher consciousness not only enriches your own life, it can deepen your connections to others, as well.

As these two partners process their experiences together, we see how their vulnerability and openness can even be seen as acts of service. We witness the seeds of healing and collaboration. This mediumship experience reflects just one of the many senses you might encounter in your development.

If you’re someone already well on your way to developing your senses, this story asks you a question. “What do you get out of psychic or intuitive experiences?” How do you think about the question? What answers might this story imply?

Demystifying these experiences helps us talk about them more constructively. We don’t have to spiritualize them, as you’ll see in this workshop account. When we accept these senses as equally valid with sight or hearing, we realize they require more patience, care, and practice. Just as it takes time for babies to see clearly, perhaps the inner senses simply develop over a longer period of time.

Mentioned in this session is Sherrie Dillard, a highly experienced psychic medium, author and teacher. Her website is located here.

Media Recommendation

A talk between a psychic medium and a psychiatrist

I’m not promoting all Laura Lynn’s ideas as the new religion. She gets pretty dogmatic. Focus instead on her descriptions of her inner experience. Neither am I promoting Dr. Epstein’s Buddhism. I post this as a demonstration of respectful cross-disciplinary dialogue of inner experience.

The invisible inner world is as valid as anything we sit on or that our eyes see. Beyond the professional intuitives who report clear perceptions, many people have experiences that ache to be explored and integrated. Developing language that employs all our knowledge and experience is a profound collective challenge.