Intuitive Services for Inner Work

Intuitive Counseling

We’ll explore your questions together and clarify what kind of help you’re looking for. Then we consult with invisible helpers to get useful insights. I’ll help you put it all together

Intuitive counseling is the ideal service for people striving to bring more of their higher consciousness into their daily life. You’ll find your unconscious depths brought to light. You’ll receive concrete steps that help you align with your higher goals.


Note: For ethical reasons, when someone becomes a therapy client, they cannot receive intuitive services. 

This service is appropriate when you’re: 

making changes in perspective or habits

striving for greater peace and inner harmony

seeking clarity or practical, concrete steps

What does Intuitive Counseling look like?

We spend up to 30 minutes exploring whatever challenge you present. I’ll share insights or angles that may be useful. I’ll help you sharpen the questions you want answered. When we are as specific as possible about the kind of guidance you’re looking for…

I will open up for 30-60 minutes connecting with our invisible helpers. You and I will ask questions. Everything’s recorded on audio. Usually some channeling happens.

After connecting with the guides, you and I will spend the remainder of our session addressing perceived obstacles and discussing how to make the most of the answers you received.

The goal is that you leave this session with greater clarity, and with concrete steps to make progress on your path.


(We are in session for 90min or 2 hours, video chat or in person)


 My readings are focused on “soul development,” offering higher perspectives on you and your questions. You’ll likely see yourself, your opportunities, and your obstacles in a more empowering way. People are often surprised to see and love themselves in a new light. The beings who assist love you and want good things for you. Messages are never about making you feel bad. Our invisible friends will sometimes give a warm jab or humorous comment, but it is always with love.

I’ll ask that the most helpful guidance be brought to you, and relay whatever your loving helpers offer about your topics. I might connect with passed-over loved ones, your guides, my guides, interdimensional groups, or angels. Anything you might imagine. However, I am not attempting to communicate with any specific being, as a psychic medium might do. 

If you prefer, you can just ask your guides “Please share whatever is in my highest good to understand right now.” Those sessions can be the most fun because they almost always take you to unexpected places and opportunities, opening your mind in unforeseen ways.

This service is appropriate when you’re…

open to messages channeled from a variety of sources

open to new perspectives about your life

seeking new or inspirational insights

NOTE: You do not have to be present for a psychic reading.

What does a reading look like?

  • I chat with you (video, phone, or in-person) for 5-10 minutes to develop a few clear questions. People are usually surprised at how much response they get with these simple prompts.
  • I then present your questions and open up to receive responses from whatever loving beings show up. I will connect with our friends for 50-60 minutes.
  • You will receive a link to download the audio file.


“My reading with Matt was truly an amazing experience. I’ve gotten many tarot card readings over the years and have always left feeling unfulfilled. The information was always rather generic, and very rarely did anything feel like it was my truth. But, with Matt I truly felt for the first time that the information was not only accurate, but extremely insightful. He was spot on with everything that came out in the reading. Matt has this rare combination of being deeply connected to his spiritual gifts and using them to tap in to higher dimensional information, coupled with this great intellectual and therapeutic base of knowledge that helps him to bring all the information together in a cohesive and coherent fashion. If you’re looking for a transformative experience, I highly recommend a reading from Matt.”

– Ben –


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