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Integration Counseling

More and more people are paying attention to intuitive or “metaphysical” experiences. Psychedelic plant medicines, Jungian dreamwork, intuitive training, shamanic journeys, hypnosis regressions, and near death experiences all seem more openly discussed than ever before. People find these kinds of experiences transformational. They open heart and mind to new ways of discovering and understanding ourselves, and our universe. The challenging discoveries of quantum mechanics are often implicated in this new revolution in human consciousness.


These pathways put us in touch with our inner world. It’s not about indoctrinating you in The True Method, dogmas or doctrines. It’s about learning new paths through your own consciousness. A consciousness that is organic, analog, and nonlinear. These experiences demand a new toolbox. New ways of perceiving and engaging the world. If you find yourself thinking over and over about something that challenges your understanding, why not get some help from someone who’s been there and done that?


Matt Wolf has training and personal experience with many transformative experiences, both as a receiver and facilitator. As you walk through your own life-changing doorways, you can have the guidance of a professional therapist with a long list of firsthand experiences.


This service is appropriate when you’re: 

trying to understand and integrate a transformative experience

identifying and releasing your own internal obstacles

harmonizing your conventional life with your higher understanding 

What does Integration Counseling look like?

Together you’ll spend time exploring whatever experiences, insights, and questions you present. Matt will help you sharpen the questions you want answered. When we are as specific as possible about the kind of guidance you’re looking for…

Matt will help you discover new ways of exploring what you’re going through. You’ll find ideas and perspectives that bridge your higher understanding with your “normal” human life. Over time you’ll develop greater clarity about how to harmonize the intuitive and practical elements of your daily experience.

Then you’ll spend the remainder of the session addressing perceived obstacles, discussing how to make the most of the insights you received.

The goal is that you leave this session with greater clarity, and with concrete steps to make progress on your path.


(We are in session for 60min, 90min, or 2 hours. Video chat or in-person.)


Do you consider yourself a sensitive or intuitive person? Would you benefit from help processing psychic perceptions or experiences? Would you like help or training to integrate these senses with the rest of your life? Perhaps you could use a heart-centered guide to walk your path with you for a while. As Matt considered all the contradictory information out there, he became desperate to answer, “How does this all fit together?!” How does a person live with each foot standing on a different version of reality? If this resonates with you, then you’re probably looking for Integration and Mentoring.

Matt pursued education in scientific research, religious studies, psychology, and counseling. The more he explored, the more he realized how fragmented the support was. Nobody seemed very helpful in tying his own experiences with what the gurus wrote about.  So after becoming a licensed mental health therapist himself, Matt started going to psychics. But even when he received mind-opening information, it usually wasn’t particularly useful.

A challenging personal history, negativity, and distrust can complicate healthy integration. If you’re an intuitive person seeking your best Self, wouldn’t it be great to have the help of an open-minded intuitive counselor? You may need help pulling your bright wisdom out from your psychological shadows: insecurities, fears, and self-criticism. 

You can benefit from the nonjudgmental perspective of a therapist who’s had to integrate his own challenging perceptions and insights. I learned from many mistakes that I’d love to help you avoid. You can discover greater peace and harmony within yourself, and with this crazy world.

This service is appropriate when you’re…

seeking help improving your intuitive senses

developing a system of spiritual practices

invested in “soul development”

What does Mentoring look like?

  • Matt meets with you for a free video, phone, or in-person 15 minute chat to develop clarity about what you’re looking for. We create a basic plan, whether it’s a single session or a longer mentoring relationship.
  • Then we meet for 1 or more sessions, 1 hour each. We’ll explore your experiences, insights, and senses. You’ll be on a path custom-tailored to your personal goals and needs.
  • You’ll discover a path to living a life that aligns your highest perspective with your daily life and your history. Aligns your thinking, emotions, and spiritual aspiration. We’ll focus on the elements of Peace, Joy, Play, and Connection. 

$150 per session

“My reading with Matt was truly an amazing experience. I’ve gotten many tarot card readings over the years and have always left feeling unfulfilled. The information was always rather generic, and very rarely did anything feel like it was my truth. But, with Matt I truly felt for the first time that the information was not only accurate, but extremely insightful. He was spot on with everything that came out in the reading. Matt has this rare combination of being deeply connected to his spiritual gifts and using them to tap in to higher dimensional information, coupled with this great intellectual and therapeutic base of knowledge that helps him to bring all the information together in a cohesive and coherent fashion. If you’re looking for a transformative experience, I highly recommend a reading from Matt.”

– Ben –


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