All Kinds of Minds

As we appreciate reality’s diversity and move away from neurocognitive caste systems, we’re likely to see exponential expansions in creative problem-solving and global development.

It’s encouraging to see our dialogues expanding acceptance, curiosity, and collaboration.

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Creation of Life/Art

Rick Rubin is legendary in the music world. Notice his open, receptive, and creative consciousness. You may find it’s broadly applicable to life. His nature is encouraging and affirming.

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I've searched around and found this track particularly helpful in reseting the mind. Your mileage may vary. But sit with it a while and see how you feel.

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Life After Death

If you haven’t explored Near-Death experiences, I heartily encourage an exploration at IANDS.ORG and NDERF.ORG. The video above is a credible, intelligent panel discussion on the matter.

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The Language of Music

In this excellent radiolab episode we learn how the brain is constantly striving to integrate unpleasant, dissonant experiences. Perhaps this serves as a template, demonstrating how the universe is constantly producing and integrating its own strange music. And how...

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